▪️ 54 Variables
▪️ Features
▪️▪️ Visual Style, Vehicle, Location, Backdrop, Weather, Sky
▪️ [a] or [double click] to toggle the complete animation [ resets vehicle ]
▪️ [c] to switch between cameras [ Chase | Inside | Tail ]
▪️ [e] to toggle chromatic aberration effect with random values [ random each toggle ]
▪️ [l] to toggle ludicrous mode [ off by default ]
▪️ [m] to switch tune [ random order ]
▪️▪️ Enable audio by interacting or pressing the volume icon
▪️ [p] to capture an image with current width and height [IPFS]
▪️ [s] to open the image capture popup on the top right [IPFS]
▪️▪️ On mobile tap top right of the screen to open the popup
▪️ The piece does not stretch but instead it adjusts to the screen size and ratio
▪️ Designed to have a strong visual impact so might not be suitable for mobile

▪️ This project is slightly inpired by the game Out Run (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive). As an 80's kid (born in 85) I really have fond memories of my late 80's and early 90's and I've wanted to create something like this project for the longest time. I hope you like this little nostalgia hit. Thank you to Aries for creating such amazing tracks and to Raphael for creating such nice models. This is the updated version of the project.

▪️ Royalty Free Music by Aries Beats

▪️ CC0 3D Vehicle Models by Raphael Gonçalves (Rgsdev)

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