Fibonacci Rainbow Spirals 13

Iuri Guilherme3/60

This is the thirteenth collection of spirals generated with increasing radius and angles to a factor affected by the well known Fibonacci sequence first described by Pingala. Each line in each spiral have unique hue and saturation, making rainbow like patterns.


s: Save current canvas as a PNG file
z / c: Decrease / increase delay between each spiral in 100ms
x: Turn on / off the animation (if turned off, window will only refresh when drawing is finished, remaining stall during the actual drawing)

This should be pleasant to watch unfolding as well as the final drawing, and the collections should resemble old, primitive computer generated abstract drawings.

The hue, saturation and luminance features of this token are related to he HSL range of the background color. The luminance affects everything that's being drawn. The background color has been fixed with the fxhash token to keep the generated animation free from epilepsy hazard. Because of that, it's likely that every token will be unique and equally rare.

In this version, Fibonacci numbers are pre calculated with sympy.

At each new variation, the source code is improved and new variations are made.

The final token with all variations will be available after every single variation is minted. Minters of previous variations get reserve on next variations. Almost 90% of the royalties goes to the minters.

The source code is available with a GNU Affero license. Feel free to remix this work and publish derivatives with the same license:

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