Express Yourself


A unique collaboration with YOU the collector.

Using fx(params) allows you to create and sign your minted artwork, expressing yourself with words, colour and graphics.

Make Your Mark.
Stand For Something.
Value Kindness Every Day.

The minter will receive 40% of secondary sales.
10% to girls who code.

Typography is a fine art, and browsers can be fickle, so there are params to allow you to fine-tune and layout your text, your way.
The preview will differ from the final minted work, the text and colours will remain the same – but the background graphics will randomise on minting, you can see what changes by selecting a new seed.

Some params will overwrite others.

Download in live mode...
S to download in standard resolution 1000x1000
H to download 4000x4000
U to download 8000x8000

This page has been generated using fx_hash public API, to display an overview of a creator's collection from The computation of "rarity" is not the official computation and therefore can differ. Dev by @zancan.