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Introducing genHeads – a generative art project made with 100% code in p5.js. With immense variations and 16 color themes, genHeads offers a playful journey through art and nature.

Each generated character tells a different story of joy, coolness, annoyance – and a great variety of other emotions.

The genHeads project features:
– 44 vivacious head tops and hats
– 64 expressive eyes and glasses
– 35 conspicuous mouth types
– 26 ostentatious neck types
– 16 different color themes

Explore the creative process and inspiration behind genHeads in the fx(text) article “genHeads – A playful journey through art and nature”.

FUNCTION KEYS – open “live” to use functions:

– Download a png image of your genHead:

(S) – 2000x2000 pixels
(1) – 1000x1000
(4) – 4000x4000
(8) – 8000x8000

– Add texture:

(G) – Grain on/off

(It’s only possible to download a grain version at 2000x2000 pixels. Turn grain off to download higher resolutions.)

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