Spring is Back


This project is an evolution of the previous "Spring will be back again"
It has in common most of its characteristics but with only a selection of color palettes and other things like:

- Just a few public features compared to the previous version
- The sun is always drawn as full (without the stroked version)
- The tree trunk can have a striped texture
- There is a "spoiled" glitchy version quite rare (2.5%)
- There is a new command ("f" key) that makes the tree reflourish
- By default each token has a different layout (vertical, horizontal,..) but it can be changed (see commands), in mobile is always vertical
- And some other small details intended to improve the result

As the previous version this project aims to capture the essence of the Japanese hanami experience where people gather to admire the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossom.

It's a representation of the beauty of an unreal nature where the details of the leaves and flowers are imaginary and always different.

Crafted entirely with lines of code in vanilla javascript, without the use of reference images or templates.

Each time the animation is played, it generates a different version of the blossom trees, while still maintaining the features defined by the underlying token.

You may also change the resolution or the layout at any time, or toggle the animation mode.


[1] Low resolution
[2] Normal resolution
[3] High res
[4] Super high res
[5] Print res (not animated)

[a] or [space] Reload in animation mode
[s] Reload in static mode
[d] Download snapshot in current resolution

[f] Reflourish

Change layout:

[z] 1x2.5 (Portrait)
[x] 1x2 (default in mobile)
[c] 1x1.5
[v] 1x1 Square
[b] 1.5x1
[n] 2x1
[m] 2.5x1

May be unresponsive on higher resolutions (in those cases turning off the animation mode is recommended)

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