Monochrome Intersections


I decided to do this version because Intersections created too many issues with the previews. I made a reserve list for all collectors of Intersections (this reserve list will be available during 1 week). I put a small price because of preview’s issues and I am really grateful to saw all my projects found collectors, and I don’t know how to tell you 🙏

I also worked on a bug to fix the rendering on

Monochrome Intersections are a group of artworks creating organic and animated lines. A mix between digital renderings with colorful lines and a generated grid creating a paper-like visual.

Lines are animated with an infinite algorithm to create a mesmerizing animation.
The pieces's size, position and frequency are generated for each token, along with the colour theme and the composition effect.

You can click to play/pause the animation.

Features :
- Clip: triangle, circle or reversed triangle
- LinesCount: number of lines
- smallLines: boolean, if lines are thin or bold
- colorTheme: name of the color theme
- filter: Canvas composition effect applied : difference, multiply, xor, hard-light, source-over
- isDistorted: distortions enabled

Handmade by code with Javascript, made with
Quentin Hocdé, Brussels (Belgium), 2023.

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