My favourite subjects are often simple questions that we ask ourselves since our first teeth. Classics like: before-after, your left or mine, me or not-me, etc

This work, though, is not about binary opposites but about their generators. The sources of the categories that have only two members, both existing solely as the negation or absence of the other. You can face it as heady philosophical stuff or a Sesame Street segment, either way, it's inspiring.

Currently am hopping on the leg that here's no "third actor" in play but actually the two counterparts themselves. The existance of one, immediately spawning the existance of the other, the not-this-one.

When a river spawns its two unmistakeable sides do so too; every place is an inside and an outside; Houses and boxes and teams and eggs.

"Something and anything but" would be a great title but not exactly what I'm exploring here.

This work isn't about explaining -nothing at all- but actually the result of using some common "divisors" as sources for generative outputs.

Using a homemade recipe that mixes equal parts of ballpen scribbles, thin pen lines and, of course, thread, 2fold is my attempt at illustrating these modest but fertile concepts.

Hope you appreciate it. Thanks for staying

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