There And Then


This project draws inspiration from the dynamic and exploratory ethos of Hic Et Nunc's early days, when artists were venturing into the possibilities of NFTs and pushing creative boundaries.

The color palettes were inadvertently provided by some talented artists who had originally intended them for another project, which was ultimately completed but never published.
Harvey McFly is to blame for the leak.

The color palettes have been paired together, creating an unexpected chromatic collaboration between the artists.

I have chosen to mint this project from TheWallet, as it represents one of the most intriguing experiments ever conducted on a blockchain.

This is the inaugural work to be published on fx(hash) through TheWallet, and I hope that other artists will follow suit and engage in this playful and nonsensical practice in the future.

A special thanks goes out to @TheWalletNft, who suggested the idea of minting on fx(hash) and handled the profile setup on the site.

The open and collaborative nature of TheWallet allows anyone with the seed phrase to modify the sale and to publish any kind of content from TheWallet. For this reason this profile is not, and should never be verified by fx(hash) and collectors should pay extra caution when collecting from it.


Hand coded with love. 💚
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