Algorithm, be my guide


At length, I summoned the courage to approach.


I was worn. Months of aimless wandering have culminated in this series; a meditation on my struggles to find a direction in my life and with my art.

At times paralyzed by too many possibilities, and at other times completely void of ideas. I was lost in the depths of my thinking, overwhelmed by indecision and doubt.

Generative works are a form of process art, yet along the way I’d forgotten to “trust the process”. It was time to cede control and let each line of code light the way.


This project paints on a 2D canvas, pixel by pixel. I used a custom projection that blends isometric and perspective techniques, to create an uncanny viewpoint between the two. Objects are randomly generated, then an algorithm applies color mixing and position displacement to each pixel as it’s rendered.

By default the canvas has 2k pixels on its longest edge. You can change this in live view by pressing any number from 1-9. For example, pressing ‘4’ would render it with 4k pixels along the longest edge. I recommend ‘4’, but this can take up to a few minutes to render.

Press ‘s’ to save the rendered image.

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