Before the Storm


"Before the Storm" captures a fleeting moment of calmness amidst an impending tempest. Heavy clouds loom overhead, suffusing the air with palpable moisture and an alluring aroma. Majestic evergreens stand tall and proud, bravely facing the ominous yet strangely inviting sky. The air crackles with electrifying energy, foreshadowing the raw power of nature about to be unleashed. In this fleeting moment, one cannot help but be mesmerized by the sublime forces at play, but beware, the calm will not last forever.

Technical Note:
If you wish to render a high-quality version of your iteration, I strongly recommend increasing the resolution (press "R") and setting anti-aliasing to >1 (press "A"). However, be aware that it might take longer to compile and may not render at all on older hardware. To save the image, press "S".

The code has been tested on my old MacBook and on various Windows machines. For best results, use a modern Chromium-based browser, and make sure your browser supports WebGL 2.


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