The Cosmic Soup


The Cosmic Soup represents the early Universe shortly after the Big Bang. At this time, the Universe was extremely hot and energetic. As it expanded and cooled, the particles in the cosmic soup began to combine and form atoms, eventually giving rise to the first stars and galaxies.

The algorithm uses a combination of chaotic systems, geometry, and algebra to paint in real-time a representation of our Universe in the era when it was all one. Although most 20 color palettes have a dark background, others play with the algorithm's possibilities and represent space more abstractly.

Please read 'Dripping Pixels: Making "The Cosmic Soup"' for a complete explanation of this artwork's inspiration and creation.

The project is best viewed on a computer with good performance and in a high-resolution display.

- Press 'S' on the keyboard to save it as a PNG of 4096x2304 pixels or 5400x2304 pixels.
- Press 'F' on the keyboard to go full screen and restart the animation.
- Press 'R' on the keyboard to restart the animation.
- Press 'space' on the keyboard to pause the animation.

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