Interpreting the moment of self-control that can occur individually or massively, where interruptions that arise might come from internal and external influences. This piece was inspired by the human struggle to maintain the balance between their mind and reality that often felt harsh to compare.

The idea of "a powerful stance of commitment" was taken as the main narrative for the visual representation idea. The visual illustrates the robustness of commitment to maintaining the change within itself.

Read the instructions below and do it after opening the live mode.

1. Press the "c" button on your computer keyboard to save a frame from your minted iteration.

2. To save a 3-second & 60 fps .GIF file, press the "s" button on your computer keyboard. Please be patient while waiting for the piece to save and render its frames.

3. To adjust the piece resolution, you need to set your browser first and then reload the browser every time you want to capture the screen or save the rendered .GIF file.

Created using Hydra and p5.js

Rangga Purnama Aji, 2023

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