From Proto-Indo-European *dṓm (“house, home”), from root *dem- (“to build”).

The humans use of stone in architecture and housing dates back to the dawn of civilisation, where its excellence in material, ecological and aesthetic qualities recalls the original concept of home, intended as a shelter from the external world.
The word Home is more representing of the true meaning of DOM as it is tied to the sense of family, homeland and provenance. The place where the heart is.

As a continuation of my personal generative art journey, the DOM is a natural sequel and a closer, much deeper & intimate look to Voyage background ancient cities/ villages architecture and typical stone houses. Inspired by Dalmatia coastal & Herzegovina hinterland but you will hopefully find your own dream home.

Thank You!

Press ‘s’ to save canvas or ‘2’ for 2x and ‘4’ for 4x image resolution png
Created with love for pure p5js and generative art

February, 2023.

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