Millions of lights shine forth from the windows of the city. Who lives behind those windows? What do they see when they look out?

The light shining down from distant stars. Do those stars have planets and cities with lights of their own?


This is a 100% code generated project. Outputs are created in either night, sunrise, or sunset mode and at a default resolution of 1500 x 1000.

Click on the output and use these keys to change it:
'n' - change to night
'u' - change to sunrise
'd' - change to sunset
's' - save at current resolution
'2' - change to 3000 x 2000 resolution
'3' - change to 4500 x 3000 resolution
'8' - change to 12000 x 8000 resolution

URL Parameters: You can also set the time and resolution in the url.
To change the time mode append on the end of the url &time=sunset (or night/sunrise)
To change the resolution append &res=2 (or 3-8)

Copyright 2023 Jeff Clark
100% generative

All drawing and geometric code created by Jeff Clark using standard javascript and canvas 2D api

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