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Terrain is an audiovisual experiment halfway between a self-modifying game board and an audiovisual interface. The unfolding algorithm is stuck infinitely in the process of filling its surroundings. However, infinite growth within a constrained environment that has limited resources is impossible.

The music is based on the steps of this never-ending game mechanic, creating a slow, continuously changing ambient soundscape. The initial structure of the board is generated with a simple L-System encoded in the token’s metadata, that is combined with a tessellation algorithm. The result is an area of regular shapes and forms, filled with vivid and contrasting colors that resembles navigational charts, philosophical games and digital cartography.

If you collect this artwork, you will support climate positive interventions: each iteration of the piece is automatically set to donate to environmental conservation funds upon minting. Terrain is transferring half of its primary sales to the following nonprofit organizations using crypto-for-charity: Clean Water Fund, RE-volv, Ocean Alliance Inc, Sustainability Matters, Flying Cloud Institute, Pacific Rim Institute for Environmental Stewardship, Amazon Conservation Association, National Parks Conservation Association, Earth Day Network Inc, Greenwave Organization Corp, Wild Tomorrow Fund, The Life You Can Save

This project is part of RefractionDAO’s Creative Grants Season 02, read more on its concept and motivations at https://x-terrain.github.io

Press ‘s’ to start or stop the music sequence, ‘d’ to save still image
Touch to listen, go full screen

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