"Euphoria" embodies my pleasurable exploration and playfulness in geometry to produce a whole unit of an image that reminds me of my old cubist painting exercises. "Euphoria" ends from diagonal lines to different levels of flat color, surfaces, and shapes. The scene of this work in forms creates small boxes with fragile perspectives; this performance challenges the root concept that art should copy nature. A theme that is evident in all my works. Therefore, the unusual geometrical divisions generate outstanding space in the flat forms.
Angles are generated that may simultaneously form a two-way perspective. It is a sensory experience imposed by the "external sense" and time similarly by the "internal sense." It is the experience of a visual world that combines the visual aura of space and time. According to Kant, such a combination is the foundation of self-awareness.
According to him, intuitions should "move through each other and be held together." That is, they should be placed in time and some of them in place (the spatial component appears as a position outside intuition). Second, the previous intuitions must be placed next to the current intuitions to form a single body.
This process constitutes the initial formalist. Such a method is undoubtedly an attempt to abandon all resemblance to natural form and to create a completely abstract language of form, including a visual symphony. "Euphoria" strives to achieve abstract minimalism by exploring new geometric structures, using algorithms, and building them into code structures.

Made in p5js
Created January 2023
Artist: @ChistaAi

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