Orbital Plowing v1.1


This is a special edition of Orbital Plowing v1.0 which is free for first minting. I'm putting it out as a limited release with some organization imposed on the placement of the beads. Hopefully someone will find a rare one with 8 spheres!

Royalties will be shared with THREE.js and Girls Who Code as I have chosen to support both causes in all of my work starting with Orbital Plowing v1.0.

Continuing my experiment to create very realistic glass spheres that can be manipulated and moved within the THREE.js environment. The glass spheres move in unusual orbital paths plowing through a field of hundreds of plastic beads of various sizes.

Extremely rare to get 8 glass spheres... By the randomness imposed, 30% will have one sphere, 30% two, 20% three, 10% four, 5% five, 3.5% six, 1% seven and 0.5% eight. Happy hunting!

Interactive with several user controls:

With the mouse:

Left click and drag to change the viewing angle
Right click and drag to change the view center
Mouse wheel to change the distance to the view center

With the keyboard:

Keys "," and "." (i.e. "<" and ">") change the rotation speed left or right. You can stop it entirely, or speed it up to what I consider a reasonable maximum, rotating to the left or to the right. Each time you press, it adjusts the rotation speed.

Press "a" to change the lighting angle.

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