Life Incognita


"Life Incognita" is a generative (100% code) abstract artwork that trying to simulate natural media, hand-painting, spatula, pastel and similar output.

Life Incognita (like the Latin Terra incognita = unknown land) can be translated as Unknown Life..
The output in its abstraction, many times resembles more specific forms, a fuzzy specificity of less or more familiar entities, some times looks like a coral colony in an underwater reef, other like plants or flowers, other like views from an unknown cellular microcosm or geological formation and other times like more human-made and less natural forms and shapes.

Is in the viewer's subjective interpretation as a result of his experiences, thoughts and feelings or just the vibes of the moment and should not nessecarily limited by rules and predefined patterns. Art conveys feelings and may create possibly unconscious images and stimulations. Just free your mind and feel it!

From technical point of view, various colored shapes and curves are drawn in a graphic buffer and my custom fragment shader process and transforms the buffer content into a "burst" of noisy (mostly colofull) directional trails and pixel dissolving strokes, painting. All are pure code, no images used.



- 1-4: Set resolution from 1x to 4x of the current dimension (possibly slower performance in higher values)
- S: Save a png file with the current resolution

- P: Change orientation to Portrait with aspect ratio 0.75 (useful eg. for printing)
- L: Change orientation to Landscape with ratio 4/3 (1.333..)
- O: Change orientation to Square (box)
Due to some 1:1 ratio sensitive calculations, rendering output may differ when switching orientations

- B: Use Black border (default)
- W: Use a White border

Made with p5js and custom shaders

Want to know more ? please read the "SHORT BIO" section here in "Emotions" collection:

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