Ticket to Heaven


Buy the ticket that will guarantee you the best path to heaven.
Don't worry about your sins anymore: get an eternal indulgence!

-Buy your ticket to heaven
-Own this ticket until death without reselling it.
-At the exact instant of death, move your NFT ticket into your physical pineal gland wallet.
-Your GOD's blockchain will automatically recognize your NFT ticket when your soul exits your body to meet divine judgment.
-Enjoy the trip, you have a reserved place in paradise!

Participate in this art project and buy a ticket for yourself and each of your loved ones.
Otherwise you will burn in hell.

This is the generative version of the "Ticket to Heaven" project for which there are already 573 tickets in three different colors. In addition, 75 crypto artists from all over the world were involved in the original project and decorated some tickets with their style.

In the generative version I have taken the three original colors and I have added another 12 color palettes. I kept the green color logic for the VIP pass (which allows you to skip the line in case of mass extinctions) while the tickets with the 7 sins were mixed with the colors of the new palettes.
I added some decorative elements in the watermark and background of the ticket.

I used 2 generative algorithms to decorate some tickets, one which incorporates the fractals of the "Fractals and fractures" project and the other which incorporates the rings of the "Scalabili-TREE" project.

The profit on the sales of the primary market will be completely directed to the "NFT Spaghetti" community wallet, to finance the contests and community activities

Everything is generated with code.
This work uses p5.js library and c2.js library.

“Ticket to Heaven is a metaphor”.

People who work with cryptocurrencies live in a new world, with few rules. A dark land where it is easy to commit sins.
The idea of the project is based on the parallelism between religion and blockchain, where access to heaven is governed by a GOD who moves souls from one wallet to another.

Blockchain is a new religion. Investing in crypto and NFTs is an act of faith. For many it bears the hope of a more prosperous future, if not for everyone at least for one's self.

Buying a ticket to heaven is also an act of faith.
Take the leap.

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