Seconds is the evolution of 2023’s #Genuary prompt “10 min” and was made entirely with p5.js.
The random circular walkers create shapes that rotate with a 1 second rhythm around the center.
Additionally, clock hands and a clock face can be enabled so the artwork can be used as an actual wall clock.
Varies in shape complexity and color palette.

In Live-mode…
…press ’s’ to save the current frame
…press ‘c’ to toggle the clock hands
…press ‘f’ to toggle the clock face
…press ‘a’ to toggle the aspect-ratio (1:1 <—> responsive)

Hover with the mouse over the center to use the radial menu.

[&square] = default is 1; set to 0 for responsive rendering
[&clock] = default is 2=; set to 1 to force clock hands and clock face

Created with p5.js using map2.

- @TeNinEightNFTs

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