Elout de Kok384/384

chat, stories and memories
in a chat, space - and time on planet earth+

-alt nick explosion-
A lot of names
good memories
from way back
till today
Some friends, people I chatted, worked, communicated with
some people I admire
some nice memories
the list is far from complete
- mental - smile -

In the old days,
I would select the 'Images I liked most'
Now the collector can pick and choose

a story
re-told in many ways

- mouse-click zoom in-out
- s save key
- redraws after a while
- vanilla javascript - software pixel based rendering and drawing
- using some 3D model-data that I created in the past
- some shout out palettes to other artist ^__^
- flipping rgb & using different palettes
- tori = story (Sranan Tongo)

..still testing my new reservelist .cvs
some extra-reserves for collectors & friends
contact me if you have any questions; making a new list -__-
can/will do some burn and maintenance if needed - until all minted

create a party for yourself
make friends with yourself
and be easy on your friends today ^__^
have a nice day

don't wait for it,
don't cry over it,
just go for it!

- thx fxhash crew & /fam..

xxx amsterdam chillout

Dec 20, 2022 - all things change - last one for 2022 and 'n old-style pricing

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