Vanilla JS + SVG
November 2022

Edition of 365

The starting point for this piece was an attempt to simulate the effect of dropping coloured inks or paints onto wet or dry paper ("blots") by combining mixed gradients and various levels of svg filters. I then added stroke and fine line drawings to the blots and played around with rotation and opacity and leaving blanks in the grids.

The results range from minimal smooth circles, sometimes fading away into the background, to noisy splashes or clouds.

The defined features of the project are:

Blot palettes: 9+n (1 is generated randomly)
Blotting paper: 6 colours
Blot grid: 5 layouts (1x1, 3x3, 5x5, 10x10, 20x20)
Blot stroke: true/false
Blot blanks: true/false
Blotted lines: true/false
Blotulence! (extra turbulence): true/false

To save a PNG file, press "P" or save an SVG by pressing "S"

This project has been tested and works in Chrome, Brave, Edge and Firefox (a little slower on the latter, so please be patient). It does not work in Safari or on IOS at this time.

If/when the project mints out, 50% of primary will be donated to Girls Who Code Canada ( and the other 50% to Breakfast Club Canada and I will post the donation receipts on the fx(hash) Discord as well as on my Twitter &

I hope you enjoy the piece and happy holidays!

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