Backward Oscillations

Jerome (Pizza Punk)238/238

Laboratory of curious graphic studies.

Imagine an old file found near Weinar, containing the graphic research of a geometry enthusiast...

A geometric figure with each side composed of a certain number of points (between 10 and 100) undergoes a rotation.

A grain, or "granularity" brings a pencil effect that gives the illusion of old archives rescued from a secret's Bauhaus laboratory. Old illustrations whose paper would have undergone the damage of time.

- Paper: yellowed, cracked and dry most of the time, but there were a few pages found with the marks of time bleached out.
- Basic shape type: Polygons, sometimes stars.
- Symmetry: Perfectly symmetrical geometrical shapes, but not always!
- x' and y' : parameters for the deformation, based on the Lissajous equations. The value for x is very often 1, the other values are totally random between 1 and 10, but it seems that there are 30 too.
- Length Loop : Time to draw the shape, usually 800 frames but we have seen some at 400 frames and others at 1600.
- Granularity: 100 levels of granularity.
- Sides or branches : Mostly between 3 and 5.
- Points per sides or branches : around 50 (Gaussian Standard Deviation : 15).

[ENTER] to pause or restart playback.
[s] to download the image*.

*The maximum print size is limited by the resolution and power of your computer. See to print at high resolutions.

Made with the javascript framework P5.js

Jérôme Mercier - @generativePunk -
December, 2022

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