A generative art that tries to express the difference between reality and unreality.

This project is coded in an optimized way. The main code is written with just 36 lines of code. The total js code with fxFeatures is 61 lines.


- 2 Background styles: Dark & Bright
- 4 Texture intensities: Low-Medium-High-Very High
- 3 Noise complexities: Low-Medium-High
- 4 Noise amounts: Low-Medium-High-Very High
- 2 Noise positions: Over the cuts & Beyond the Cuts
- 4 Cut intensities: Low-Medium-High-Very High
- 13 Cut styles: Youth-Imagination-Tale-Onion-Family-Wood-Library-Chocolate-Gate-Tradition-Lake-Reflection-Paper
- 3 Cut width: Low-Medium-High
- 28 Different color palettes
- 2 Different color directions

Warning! Loading might take up to 40 seconds as your machine's power. Also, your browser might not respond during the loading stage. Please be patient till the end.

The project was tested on desktop Chrome 106.0.5249.119, Mozilla 105.0.3, and Edge 106.0.1370.42 versions.

Press 's' to export a high-res png file in live mode.

Made with p5js and WebGL shaders.


November 2022 / Rhaegar

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