Unfamiliar Directions

Nate Nolting365/365

"Unfamiliar Directions" is my submission for #fxhashturnsone. This project is a study of grid walking and avoidance. While working on this p5.js sketch, the renders looked like a combination of circuits and chips on an electronic board (two of the main functions being 'circuit' and 'chip.'). The more I played with it in fx(stdio), the more it started to resemble maps and directions given by a mapping app on my phone. Some paths seem straightforward, from point A to point B. Other times, the directions weave right through buildings and seem to end at about the same place as the start.

I hope you enjoy this project, and happy #fxhashturnsone!

Primary Splits:
50% Donation to the Processing Foundation

Royalties Splits:
50% Donation to minter


Export to a PNG format at several different sizes.
- Press s: save the current render size
- Press t: scale to screen size
- Press f: full print size (see features for dimensions)

License: CC-BY

Please find me on Twitter and Instagram at @natenolting.

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