Commemorative token by Morbeck (@morbeck_art) for #fxhashturnsone

The work is developed from the digital manipulation and overlay of photographs, which are altered by the algorithm in terms of dimension, blending modes, colorization, granulometry, among other random adjustments.

How much fits in an image?

# Main features
- 4 image layers, the base layer being composed of 16 images and the other 3 with 36 different possibilities.
- 2 color modes | B&W and Color;
- 2 possibilities of 3 frame | Opaque or Invert;
- 4 levels of granulation;
- 5 possibilities for canvas fragmentation;

- Rare Feature | NEGATIVE effect
- Special feature | HANDS;

- Press ā€œsā€ to save .png

November 14, 2022

Commemorative token by Morbeck (@morbeck_art) for #fxhashturnsone.

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