The muon in the hole

Christophe "Ulu" Choffel365/365

Special collection for #fxhashturnsone.

Halftones, dynamic composition and contrasts.

Procedural realtime javascript / webgl.
Desktop / Chrome recommended.

Controls :
- Mouse wheel/middle/ Pinch : Zoom
- After zooming, Mouse left / Drag : Pan
- Press [r] to reset the camera.
- Press [f] to toggle the frame.
- Press [c] to fully unlock the camera, with rotation on Mouse2.
- Export a PNG capture at various resolutions by pressing the number keys [1] to [9] (top row or numpad, and only in live mode, after pressing "open"). Resolutions ranges from 720 to 7680 pixels for the smallest dimension. I recommend starting with [4] and going from there. What is captured is what's on screen, so you can get creative if you so desire.

NFT License

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