Expressive Geometry


Expressive Geometry is heavily inspired by the work of Sean Scully, one of the foremost abstract painters and sculptors of the 20th and 21st centuries.
I have used similar palettes and geometric layouts although the algorithmic paint is more evenly distributed than in much of his work.

Expressive Geometry was born out of a fascination with the way that simple patterns can be arranged, rearranged and coloured to produce widely diverse effects of depth, dimension, mood and emotion.

Interaction has two aspects:

Lighting: paintings can change subtly or dramatically in different lighting conditions.

Keys 'h','l','s' and 'z' will add a spotlight of different colours and intensities, while 'n' will add a top down flood of white light and '0' will clear all effects.

Colour: Use the 'c' key to cycle through 5 different arrangements to see how this affects the composition within a single palette.

Keys 2 to 4 will render the artwork at increasing resolutions.

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