Chris McCully274/300

'Part:Counterpart' is an experiment in form, disintegration, and context. Each work is created within one of three modes, Part, Counterpart, or Part:Counterpart.

In experimenting, I've enjoyed taking a simple composition and breaking it down with various methods. This transforms the original composition into something new, but it also begins to lose what the original had to say. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and I want to dive a little deeper and explore ideas as a sort of tangible substance. Already we're comparing ideas against their translations and evolutions, but what happens if we present them both within the context of the other?

Additionally, what if we present both of these ideas with echoes and tangents, discussion around the ideas and their practical applications instead of imagined? Sure, these aren't our idea, or even our translation, but they exist only because the originals do.

How does this change our opinion of the original? Is every idea destined to be picked apart and reimagined forever until it bears only a faint resemblance? Where is the line between our Counterpart and an echo?

This piece hopes to inspire contemplation on the nature of storytelling and artistic inspiration.

10% of ideas are encrypted to obscure the original Part.
Press ā€™sā€™ to save a 3600x4500 png.
Press ā€˜pā€™ to save the original Part, pure and untouched.

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