Obliques are a reinterpretation of Parallels, a collection of AI generated color fields by Marc Maurer. Many of the pieces in that collection are CC0, which basically means they can be reused for other projects, like this one.

Obliques takes artifacts from Parallels and uses them as brushes, painting slices of the original image on the canvas in a (hopefully) pleasant, chaotic way.

About 10% will be "Glitched".

The "Source Material" property will tell you the name of piece that it is using.

You can see Marc Maurer's Parallels project here:

Obliques are also CC0, so feel free use anything here in other projects.

You can read more about CC0 here:

G : Toggle Grain
M : Toggle Matte
S : Save Image
1 -> 6 : Set pixel density
(Default pixel density is 1 @ 2000x2000)

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