Inland Emotions

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Inland Emotions

Over the centuries, ancient philosophers and modern psychologists have come to the same basic conclusion. The fact is that, according to a few millennia of research, there are a limited number of distinct human emotions, predefined by the human psyche. Sometimes it may seem like we are experiencing a "new" one, but on closer inspection, we see that it is the known emotions that are superimposed. Emotions are what they are, and they exist in the same way in each of us, whether we recognize them for what they are or not. But as our history blends into a new emerging state of the world, a whole new range of emotional responses are triggered within us. An infinite maelstrom of variations generated from a simple combination of a few emotions.

Controls :

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Inland Emotions by Ferdinand Dervieux, 2022
Made with Unity
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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