____ - Iteration 2

Extracurricular Activities500/512

This project is part of a larger experiment that explores and celebrates the process of making generative art by progressively releasing iterations, working towards a final release on my main account (tz1RkYY3jr1ocuPdQqrRefr5FqoawKQsmBmD). The iterations will be titled ____ - Iteration 1, ____ - Iteration 2, etc. At this point, the number of iterations has not been determined, but more information will be provided as this experiment unfolds.

The final release will only be made available to those who have collected each iteration (using an allowlist), and will be released for free.

In live mode, add &size=<YOUR_PIXEL_SIZE> to change the pixel size of the image for export (Right click to save). For example, &size=4000 will set the width of the image to be 4000 pixels.

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