"Nature is the source of all true knowledge".

Have you ever taken the time to look, deeply look, at all the details in a humble patch of grass ?

In this tiny microcosm, a constant, fierce battle is going on, day after day, plants reaching out for sun, down for access to soil, fighting for survival. Smaller grasses form groups, alliances making it harder for taller ones to take over. Dead leaves remind us that some of them lost the fight, fallen warriors who, soon enough, will be forgotten too. Growth, decay, life, death, the endless cycle, right in front of our eyes.

It is fascinating, and, for me at least, an endless source of inspiration.

It is my hope that, through this project, you will take the time to take a closer look at nature, and that, as the pale blue dot we call home keeps getting drier and drier, remember that even humble patches of grass should not be taken for granted.

Key commands:
's' - save as png
'b' - make the background transparent (for printing)
'1', '2, '4' - set the pixel density, for resolutions up to 8000x8000

This updated version of the project should render on mobile devices, albeit with slightly reduced quality.
If you want to save the image for printing, I recommend you do so on desktop.

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