Impressions of Order


‘Impressions of Order’ is a collection of 300 generative compositions.

Inspired by 90s ROM cartridges, server farms and future cityscapes this project explores perception and documentation of ‘order’ within complex systems.


This artwork is best enjoyed in high-resolution so that the subtle layering, colour shifts, variation in hard and soft edges, faint impressions of construction, and the various low-probability glitchy events can be fully appreciated.

By default, the artwork will load in 2K resolution (1400 x 2000 px). It is recommended that you view the work in 4K or 6K to appreciate the finer details.

The keyboard buttons: “2”, “4”, and “6” can be pressed to change the resolution to 2K, 4K and 6K resolution accordingly.

To download an image at its current resolution, press the keyboard button “S”.


Artwork created with p5.js

Sept 2022

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