Christophe "Ulu" Choffel128/128


A high-energy take on vector field vizualisations, in the form of a short but impactful animation that comes to rest in a highly detailed arrangement of lines, curves, rectangles and dots. A 2.5D and semi-physical approach to the genre, with a focus on realtime performances and clean high resolution captures, clad in a mix of pastel tones, saturated colors, and black lines, for a sort of Roy Lichtenstein / comic book feel.

Fully procedural realtime javascript / webgl.

Controls :
After the end of the animation, explore the details with :
- Mouse wheel/middle/ Pinch : Zoom
- After zoom, Mouse left / Drag : Pan
- Press "r" to restart the animation

- By default, the program tries to adjust the anti-aliasing according to performances. You can press "a" to switch between 4 different level of antialising and bypass the auto-adjust.
- Export a PNG capture at various resolutions by pressing the number keys 1 to 9 (top row or numpad, and only in live mode, after pressing "open"). Resolutions ranges from 720 to 7680 pixels for the smallest dimension. I recommend starting with "4" and going from there.

More information on the project origins, composition and techniques here : https://ulucode.com/wp/pow/

An OK is GPU recommended. Best performances on Chrome

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