Morixels Toy


If you are thinking about having a land and a house in the Morixels Land
You should buy toys for your dogs and cats so that they don't get depressed

If you find the royal crown in this collection, if you bought it in the primary market, any number of toys you bought before buying the crown will be free and the money will be sent to your wallet.

You don't have Morixels?

Don't worry you can buy from the primary or the secondary market 👇

The Morixels Toy are unique Random Generated 200 PFP NFTs.
This collection is manually designed.
The original Artwork was designed in 24 by 24 pixels and then resized to 1080 by 1080 resolution.
The number of Traits in this collection is 11 (118 layers) and it has the ability to make 8,494,295,040 NFTs.

Some ​layers are less than 1 percent of the total, some 100 percent, and some between 0.1 and 100 percent.

To create balance, these NFTs are randomly minted, and this is a chance for everyone to get a rare version. So due to the low price of these NFTs, if the rare version did not belong to you, it is still possible for you to mint the new NFTs.
To Produce this collection, all the layers were designed pixel by pixel, which was time-consuming and difficult. And this greatly increases the value of this collection.

Because this is an NFT in PFP format, you can put it on your avatar on Twitter or Instagram.

Twitter: @Morixels


Designed by: @morteza_yousefy
Made in 2022

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