Living City


It is a "Living City"

The state of the city sky will change by receiving your current time.
For example, if it is morning in your city, the sun will rise in your mint, and if it is night, your mint will be dark.

The settings are such that at 06:00 in your geographical area, the sun rises and the sky slowly brightens, and at 19:00 in your geographical area, the sky darkens and the sun sets. In the rest of the night, the moon will shine in the sky and the position of the moon in the sky will change every hour of the night.

To see this effect better, you can take a photo of each watch and compare the photos.

- Press ā€œsā€ to save the current canvas.

* Note: If it is night in your geographical location, you will definitely see the minted pieces with a dark sky with the moon, and if it is day, you will see a bright sky with a random background color with the sun.

Artist: Pointiago
Aug 02, 2022
License: NFT 2.0

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