interference x resonance


M: "Have you noticed that every day is like every other day, somewhat?"

T: "Yes, I've noticed that"

M: "And have you noticed that every week is more or less like every other week?"

T: "Yes..."

M: "Well, did you know that every day has a relationship to four other days. And they are not the four days preceding it. They are scattered back through time. One of them may be six months in the past, one of them may be thousands of years in the past, but each day is actually an interference pattern caused by the resonant... the coming together of the resonances of other times."

T: "...I mean... it's a weird idea. It NEVER occurred to me that that was a possibility."

-- Terence McKenna, ethnobotanist, psychonaut, and noted boundary-pusher

The story above was an inspiration for this generative artwork. To me, art is about communicating ideas, ideas that sometimes fall outside of the boundaries of our normal, culturally-sanctioned model of reality.

This work is about the interconnectedness of all things. It's about the repeating patterns and echoes, both seen and unseen, that impact the world around us and our experience of it. How things are always the same and yet not the same, different and yet not different. And it's a reminder to always question what you think you know.

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