Wiz Punks


When cybernetic meets elder magic, the result is a society where limits are rare and free will must come with a very loaded moral sense to avoid turning inofensive particles into mass destruction spells or even virtual cults that invades ordinary meditation.
In the Wiz Punks universe, these 1000 characters are living in the chaotic Fantastic City, where technology must be balanced with the ancient and the rules are under the sight of the Bench, farmers use magic to animate food and go to battle. Religious people use body modification to cult their gods, while gangs try to hack ultra security libraries and bread it's made with magic.
If you feel ready to live into the chaos where your brain can be hacked anytime, but also where you could use spells to manipulate elements, you are a Wiz Punks.
-1000 character
-158 traits
-rare easter egg traits
-lore for the whole universe
-more soon
Be a punk, be a wizard, be a Wiz Punk!

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