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An automatic painting journey

AUTOJOURNEYPAINT uses a series of custom built walkers to make plots with a great variety of properties, including packing gaps, directions and propensity for turning. These plots are then drawn over with varying, incremented pixel brushes.

AUTOJOURNEYPAINT chooses color for itself from a broad list of more than 100 colors. It selects a palette of 8 but might not use all of them.

The background consists of a single color at the back and then one channel (either r, g, b) of the same color iterating from 0 to 255 while also iterating over a number of pixels within a border, all fixed to a pixel grid of variable size. The iteration over pixel numbers means the background produces very different patterns at different screen sizes

If you want to know more about the variables used they are output in the console log

Responsive to screen size. Larger resolutions will implement more brush strokes.

Some renders may be slower due to more complex collision detection in some brush settings.

Press ā€œsā€ to save the image as a png.

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