Hatchet: Uzumaki


Hatchet: Uzumaki (渦巻) is the first piece in Hatchet; a generative art series that hatches an arrangement of segmented polygons generated via a Voronoi diagram. Uzumaki (Japanese for 'spiral') arranges it's polygons in a multi-armed spiral with varying arm lengths and twist intensities.

All pieces in Hatchet are composed to emulate the aesthetic of colored pencils on paper. Each piece is capable of exporting its hatch lines as a well-labeled SVG document. This will allow collectors interested in plotting to create physical renditions of their iteration.

The following key-press actions are supported on the token:
- 'r': Animate the erasure and re-drawing of the hatch lines.
- 's': Export the SVG document describing the arrangement of hatch lines.

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