A Pico-8 demake of my Entropy series previously made on the TIC-80. Due to many of the limitations baked into the Pico-8, this version lacks many of the features from the TIC-80 version, as well having a lower speed, and lower resolution. However, it also has some new features, like mirroring, that provide an interesting twist. fxhash Features are enabled in order to track rarity, there are some rare features like mirror type, or brush_wiggle (which decreases the stability of the visual equilibrium).

This piece is build on the `aebrer_engine` codebase I have developed for Pico-8.

creator: Andrew E. Brereton
date: 2021-11-15
twitter: @aebrer
website: aebrer.xyz
platform: Pico-8, Lua

This page has been generated using fx_hash public API https://api.fxhash.xyz/graphql/, to display an overview of a creator's collection from www.fxhash.xyz. The computation of "rarity" is not the official computation and therefore can differ. Dev by @zancan.