Transition: Multidimensional

Ada Ada Ada100/100

The world is always and has always been in constant transition. Transitions have created and destroyed everything. Understanding and living with transitions is fundamental to being in the universe.

Transition is not one-dimensional. It is not just a move from A to B, but rather a constant shifting between A to F to % to 9 to AA to €. It is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. This implies that binaries are merely imagined.

With this piece, I explore the idea of transitions being multidimensional by using shapes which progressively increase in edge count in all manner of ways.

You’ll witness transitions that happen slowly, quickly, in fits and starts, and chaotically.

You’ll find transitions placed in circles, grids, towers, spirals, and more.

You’ll see transitions in multiple color schemes including inverted versions of each scheme.


A - Start/stop cumulative animation

B - Start/stop independent animation

S - Save image

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