In this work I used the tools I learned in developing precedent works to generate a landscape with hills, flowers, streams, ruins, sky and clouds. The generated landscape gives the impression of a natural one but at the same time it has some "abstract" traits that reveal the geometrical properties of the noise generation process. This noise is used both for the morphological aspect and for colors assignment.

Developed with p5.js using WEBGL renderer.
Rendering is faster with chrome browser.

[s] to save a 1600x1600 png.

"Palette": 12 colormap
"Sky": Day, Night, Gray - 15% Gray, 20% Night, 65% Day
"Ruins": True, False - 33% True
"Streams": True, False - 33% True
"Flower": Red-Blue, Fuchsia-Yellow, Rose-Violet
"Border": True, False - 25% True

Created by Andrea Belloni, fxhash: anbello, twitter: @Waterflowing0. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, see LICENSE.txt for more information.

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