Studio Yorktown512/512

'Tesseract' is a generative collection drawing on the concept of the cube from oneirology, the interpretation of dreams. In many mythologies and fields of study, the square is considered a 'perfect shape', thus with its abstraction into three isometric dimensions, the cube is seen by some as a representation of the various aspects of the human condition.

In 'Tesseract', the ribbons flowing between the cubes represent the shared experiences that connect us all. No matter how different our lives might be, we all go through the same joys, sorrows, trials, tribulations and experience attachments of varying degrees.

It is these experiences that bind us together and make us who we are. With these concepts in mind, viewers are invited to interpret each composition as it relates to them and their unique story, from the perspective of that which has been and that which is yet to be experienced.

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