Stained Glass (broken)


Stained Glass (broken) is a project about glass recycling.

"Endlessly Recyclable – Exclusively natural; glass is known the world over as being not only the safest for packaging food and beverage, but it’s also the safest for the environment. Unlike other packaging materials that become dangerous waste, glass can be recycled and refilled an infinite amount of times without losing clarity, purity or quality. Protect your health and food with
recyclable, refillable glass."
inspired by : (you can visit the site and request a bottle bank for your neighborhood!)

%80 of primary sales from this project will be donated to my local glass recycling company ( evidence will be shared on twitter within a week )
%10 Processing Foundation

I translated this code from one of my processing sketches. This is my first project with JS,
if you run into a problem with the output let me know so I can buy it back <3

Stained glass pieces (broken) (recycleable)

%20 first minters
%30 recycling

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