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The existing nature grows on the unexisting spirits.

Generative sketch, based on the pen and ink drawings of Po Sheng Chen. Po Sheng Chen is an Architect who has drawn nothing but Architecture for over 25 years. He tried to explore something different from his previous style (Brutalism with Magical Realism), so developed his own Minimalist Architecture process and style. After breaking up all the complicated elements and symbols, he chose a simple and naive way to present “pure volumes in the space (the essential of Architecture)”: the Use of different densities of vertical lines to create different faces of volumes, with the addition of horizontal lines to create shadows on the volumes. Shadow determined the form of volumes, then they became a clear composition in the space, Eliminating chaos. These lines seem like spirits to Po Sheng Chen, because they represent the soul of Architecture, but they do not have a specific form or meaning...they are between existing and unexisting! Tezumie is a creative generative artist. He saw the latest experimental drawings of Po Sheng Chen, and after reaching out, the collab was formed with the goal of creating a digital representation of the original concept surrounded by a natural and overgrown environment. The combination of nature and architecture.

Made in p5js.

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