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3d scene with animated interactive camera

Who among us did not dream of becoming a real aeronaut as a child?
An exciting experience of overcoming gravity only by heating the air!
An endless moment of flight, joy and delight!

- random number ot Balloonz 3-7;
- random arrangement of Balloonz in space;
- 20 coloring patterns;
- 4 algorithms for generating palettes, based on the HSL model;
- 9 skyboxes with different locations, weather and time of day;
- free camera - you can move, rotate, change focal length,
as you like to achieve visual pleasure!

It is recommended to look at the full screen.

[Mouse Click] - Pause/Play
[Left Mouse Button + Move] - Сamera Rotate
[Right Mouse Button + Move] - Сamera Move
[Rotate Mouse Wheel] or [Middle Mouse Button + Move] - Сamera Zoom
[+ -] - Change Сamera Focal Length

Implemented using Three JS

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