Eye-Candy Waves Rehash


Realistic waves, candy waves (Rehashed to fit FXHash preview window). Never in history has a massive wave of candy swept up on the shore of the metaverse. Today this is happening, and it tastes good. Get your waves in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, or other awesome colors. Get one of the color mix varieties, which are rarer. Other shapes represent floating, or sometimes even rarer flying candy objects. Eye-candy waves are mostly electromagnetic in nature, and can propagate the universe without loss. Rarer varieties exhibit wave decay, like sound waves and ocean waves. Beautiful wave interference occurs naturally among some eye-candy waves, while some waves ring true and uninterrupted, far from the other waves. For double dessert there will be jewel cuts made to finish a small number of waves, which can be regular jewel cuts, or party streamer style cuts featuring unique generated small pixel art combinations which will not repeat again within the age of the universe. Load time average 1-3 minutes depending on what features come with your Eye-Candy Wave.

Rare Features:
colorScheme: Many Commons.
Rare: purpleGreen, pinkBlue, colorMix1, colorMix2, colorMix4,
Ultra Rare: gray, redBlue, blueYellow, blueGray, brownBlack
droplets: Common: 4 (~60% chance).
Rare: 5, 6, 7, 8 (5% each)
Ultra Rare: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (2% each.)
decay: Rare if wave decay is enabled (25%)
formation: Common: Center Tight (45%), This mode can unlock hidden rares and cuts.
Linear (24%)
Center Loose (20%)
Rare: Normal (11%)
shapeStyle: Common: Circle (85%)
Rare: Mix (10%)
Ultra-Rare: Mix-Flight (5%)

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