Ruminations - An insomnia inspired piece.

What keeps you awake at night? What thoughts and feelings swirl around in the dark at 3am?

This generative work explores the connectedness of our thoughts at night, how things can slip in and out of consciousness into the realm of sleep.

Each piece is a map of worries, a chart for a sleepless night. Some nights are sparse and peaceful, others full of competing ruminations.

Each variation has been generatively created by code:
- Hand-plotted rumination shapes that are generatively altered for each variation.
- Each shape is unique in form and movement.
- Generative properties determine the complexity or otherwise of the map, along with form and colour.
- Subtle movement gives life and a sense of nocturnal unease.

Made with code and love by AutoEclectus.

AutoEclectus is a visual artist specialising in algorithmic-based generative works.

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